1st Party Collections

05.18.2016 1st Party Collections
by Phillip Eboli

Almost 5% of new hires leave a job after the first day, and close to 25% of turnover occurs in the first 45 days.   This type of attrition costs a company 3x the former employees salary, according to an industry study by Deloitte.

By leveraging our 1st party collection team on a portion or all of your company's A/R, a company can save over 35% off the cost of on boarding new internal employees.  The advantage can be felt immediately with reduction of overhead, and an increase in collection bandwidth and touches on your A/R.  

Plus, you get the collection pro's as an extention of your internal process and workflow.

Ask about the costs, and how we can tailor a program to meet your needs.  Many mandates can be met, and many problems can be solved for a minimal monthly cost.